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    I'm using Ulead's Direct Show Capture plug-in in the capture module for Mediastudio Pro 7. There doesn't seem to be any settings for audio or video besides type1 or type2. It's my understanding that essentially I'm just transferring the file from the cam to the hard drive.

    I have an older sony digital8 cam dcr-trv130. I notice that any tutorial I see always has the audio of the capture set at 44khz. When I use type 1 the result is (DV Audio 32khz 12 bit stereo) and type 2 is (pcm 32khz 16 bit stereo).

    My assumption is that the original audio on the cam is DV Audio 32khz 12 bit stereo is this correct?
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    I don't know about the 12 vs 16 bits in the type-1 and type-2, but my camcorder (Sony TRV-320) definitely produces 32k audio.

    The camcorder itself has 12 and 16 bit audio modes.
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