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  1. Hi all,

    I'm a total newbie and have searched the forums for answers to my problems with no luck. I'm having problems capturing video from my Sony DCR-TRV11 DV camera. I am capturing via firewire to my firewire port using DVD Workshop, Video Studio 7, Pixela, etc. If I capture directly to MPEG the video is choppy with slight pauses every 3-4 seconds. From what I have read, I guess it is better to capture to AVI and convert to MPEG. When I do this, the quality is much better, however when I look at the edges of objects in the video there seems to be very fine horizontal lines. This is much worse when the camera is panning quickly from left <-> right. It gets annoying when watching the video. The color, etc. is all fine. Comparing the Ulead produtcs to Pixela (Sony), the Ulead quality is much better, which leads me to these questions...

    How can I get a CLEAR capture stream without the fine distortion lines with camera movement?

    Should I be using AVI Type 1 or 2?

    Is it a software related issue, or perhaps a hardware related one?

    I was told by some that my video card may be the problem. I have a Dell 2.1GH P4 with 256 RAM and a basic video card. My firewire port is an addon card I purchased, so the firewire doesn't plug directly into the video card.

    Someone please help me with this! I purchased the DV camera to have nicer video, but so far, recording streight to VHS looks much nicer.

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  2. I do believe the horizantal lines you are talking about is the interlaced video. This is perfectly normal. It is noticable on your computer monitor which is progressive, but will not be noticable on your TV which is interlaced.
    There are tons of topics and previous posts regarding this, might want to do a search.
    I capture AVI type 2.
    Yes, captureing AVI is much better quality, then do the conversion to MPEG2(DVD) on your computer.

    Don't worry a little reading and you will be much more confident with what you have accomplished so far. You are on the right track.

    Good luck.
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  3. The horizontal lines are perfecltly normal as long as u r watching it on ur monitor, as is corrcetly pointed out by BSR,and are because of Interlace and progressive methods of scanning used by TV and monitor resp.
    To further confirm that out burn a sample so as to create a DVD or a VCD, play it on your TV thru a standalone player. I am sure u will be glad to see the results, provided you follow the right steps. As per the right steps, browse thru the Guides section and look out for the one which uses the softwares u have.

    Hard work never killed anybody,
    But why take the RISK
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  4. Thanks for the help guys. I don't know why I didn't pick up on the interlaced vs. progressive video stuff. I looked, just didn't pick up on it. I burned a disk like you said and it looks better, the problem now is that instead of the lines when the camera pans, the actual DVD video is very jumpy with camera movement. It isn't showing a smooth pan, just a shaky/jumpy pan. It is fine when the camera is standing still. Is this a software problem? I captured and burned with Ulead VideoStudio 7. Should I use different programs? Thanks for the help and quick responses. I really appreciate it!
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  5. One more thing... I forgot to mention that the camera panning is very smooth when viewing the video on the camera itself.
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  6. Is the jumpy movement seen on your computer in VS7 or is it on your DVD player playing on the TV, or both.

    If on your computer, it might be your computer isn't fast enough to show it smoothly. But this should not have an affect when you create your DVD. The DVD should look just like the Camera display. Unless your DVD player has compatibility problems and is have trouble reading the disc.
    Might want to fill in your profile with computer specifications on what you are using.

    Also might want to make sure your bitrate of your created DVD is high enough. I don't know if it would give jumpy scene movement, just thought it would cause macroblocking or something like that, but then you never know.
    I have used VS6 in the past and can't say I've seen this issue.

    Maybe some one else has experienced this can can help you better.
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  7. BSR -

    You were right! The jumpiness I was seeing on my DVD was a hardware compatibility issue. I have a Sony DVP-C660 DVD Player, and I guess it's not progressive scan??? Anyways, the player is about 3 years old. When I play the disc on my new portable Sony DVD player, the image is crisp, smooth, and without the jumpiness. Looks like I need to stop by BestBuy to drop another wad! Thanks again. I really appreciate yours and saurabh_fzr's help.

    Thank you
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  8. I have 2 dvd players and neither are progressive scan. Not sure if Progressive scan helps DVDs that are interlaced, don't think so.
    Might want to look up your DVD player in the "DVD PLAYERS" section to the left. Many posts about it, maybe you can find a solution in there instead of buying a new DVD player. Can see others had some issues regarding certain media.
    Here is a link to your DVD player
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