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    im about to buy some stuff from this site.. (mainly cases)

    just noticed they sell DVD labels in matte,semi-gloss, and gloss. can any1 tell me if I use any of these 3 types if my DVDs will skip after applying the label? BTW I use ritek 4x's dvd-r
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  2. running debate over dvd labeling...

    I use the small hub/core labels and apply my "artistic talents" to the jacket or jewel case cover.
    Always check helpfiles/instructions before leaping...
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  3. I've been labeling for 2+ years now and had only one problem ever because my player was running for an extended amount of time. (Fixed after I let the dvd player cool down).

    I'd say its safe to use them, of course your mileage will vary on the player you use it with. Also, I'd go with matte labels, they printout nicer then glossy paper. I've also noticed that Epson printers do a much better job on glossy then HP, everytime. Most HP, including what I have now, will not even print on glossy paper. But with matte, it looks very good.

    Have fun and be creative with your labels. Out.

    Edit: Hold up, that link says its good for laser and inkjet, don't believe it. From my experience, I bought into that crap too cause they were on sale, the brightness and quality are not as GOOD as pure MATTE only. The labels were from Avery. Once I bought only the Matte for inkjet only and when I compared them to the inkjet/laser, the inkjet only ones were much nicer, crisper text and much brighter whiteness.
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  4. I have nothing but problems with labels. If I label a DVD it skips and freezes in the DVD Player. If I reburn by ripping the labelled DVD and do not put a label on the newly burned DVD it plays fine.

    If I was you I would stay away from labels and just use a DVD pen.
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  5. Use the hub / core labels.

    1.) Cheap, you can get 520 surething hub labels for 13.00
    2.) Safe, least amount of label and the most center of the disk. No wobble.

    True, you are limited by space,but its enough to but the title and a DVD logo. Sometimes, I scan the orgianl DVD disk artwork and use it as the background for the hub label. If you scan and print at a high rez, say 600 dpi, you can still see the little logos and most of the orginal art. After all, these are BACK-UP'S.

    As for my home vidoes that are on DVD, I just right "The Taylor's Vol.1" and then list the contents on a case cover.
    For the love of God, use hub/core labels on your Recordable Discs!
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  6. I'm interested in the hub/core lables. Where do I get them in the USA? Can somone provide a link?
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  7. Well, duh... I found some here[/url]
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