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  1. I would like to Burn a VCD to a DVD+R Disc. I have a DVD+RW but never used it. The VCD was Burned from Pinacle and plays in my DVD Player but won't play in my friends DVD player..So therefore I need a DVD instead of the VCD..Anyone know how this is done???Thanks..joeyshepard
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  2. couple of guides (one from Baldrick, the site administrator) that should you how to do both a VCD-DVD and a conversion from VCD to DVD.

    The VCD to DVD process essentially upsamples the audio from 44.1 to the 48mhz dvd standard and it will play on most dvd players. Movie Factory 2 is the app to use.

    To do a TRUE conversion (where you will lose quality), use TMPGENC or other encoder to convert from VCD to DVD and then author the mpeg with any number of authoring apps like movie factory 2 or TMPGENC DVD Author.
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