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  1. I am curious about the maximum amount of data that you can overburn the regular 700mb cd-r (not the 800mb 90mins cdr) in Nero.

    Please post your sucess with the amount of data, burner brand, and media brand.

    i.e. 750mb/liteon/ritek

    Hopefully this will be helpful for lot of us.
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  2. You can do it in a way without much guess work.

    Make a single long WAV file about 90 minutes long (for an 80 min CD).

    Burn that as a single track audio CD in DAO mode (important!).

    Assuming your CD burner and software allows overburning, it will continue to burn the CD until it runs out of burnable sectors.

    Now, pop the audio CD into your CD player and start playing it... FFW to 80 minutes and continue listening. Keep your eye on the timer and take note when the music stops... That's where you've "gone off the edge" of the CD in minutes and seconds. For any one batch of CDs, you should be able to overburn relatively safetly to that time (though nobody has ever verified one way or the other whether the "lead out" section of a CD is as robust for data as the rest of the CD).

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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