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  1. I am looking at purchasing a phillips or go video desktop recorder. I have several questions for those that already have one. My purpose for the recorder is to basically take programs from my PVR or TIVO and burn them to disk. I understand most of the listed recorders record to DVD-VR format. Can you record a program to a dvd +rw disk, then use dvd squeeze (or comperable program) to rip it to a PC hard drive, then edit it with tmpgenc dvd author? I know the process will not be incredibly easy, but I do have an NEC 1300 burner on my pc and would like to change the dvd +rw to DVD +R to be more compatible with other players after editing comercials and such.

    Sorry for the long post and I appreciate your time and effort.

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  2. I have the Philips DVDR75 and often copy stuff off TIVO onto the DVDR.

    I tend to edit out the commercials, start/end points on the Philips then rip using DVDDecrypter. I then run it through DVD2One (or DVDShrink) to re-create all the required file structure (it doesn't compress anything, so there's no loss of quality) then burn to disk. Quick & easy!

    If I want to edit on PC, I decrypt using IFO mode & slecting the appropriate PGC, also turning off VOB splitting, so I then have a contigous mpeg file. Rename the Vob file to .mpg & edit with my preferred software on the PC. Then re-author

    I'm sure there's loads of other (better?) ways, but this works for me.
    Hope this helps

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