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    Change Log
    DVD Decrypter (29/02/2004)
    Added: Lock volume during ISO Write or Erase
    Added: Disable Media Change Notification for currently selected drive
    Added: 'Untested' support for Double Layer +R media burning
    Added: Stream information in filenames for File mode Demuxing
    Added: CSS code now checks all VOBs in VTS set if the key for a single file cannot be found
    Added: CSS code now detects the presence of CSS in supposedly unencrypted VOBs
    Added: Quick drive letter change on destination path - in context menu
    Added: Command Line switch '/SHUTDOWN' for ISO Write mode
    Added: Region mismatch dialog box now displays the drive region and the disc region to make the problem easier to see
    Added: A lot more 'status' message to show the user what the program is doing at all times
    Added: A workaround for NEC drives that don't have their regional code set - they don't follow the specs
    Added: Code to put the system tray icon back in the system tray if 'explorer.exe' crashes
    Added: '% complete' for more of the 'lengthy' operations (Synchronising Cache, Finalising Disc etc)
    Added: 'Question' event sound to the 'File Replace' dialog box
    Added: ISO Read mode now uses the Filesystem specified capacity for the disc capacity when reading from DVD+RW media
    Added: ISO Read mode now silently (almost) terminates when it reaches the end of the disc before it originally thought it would
    Added: Setting 1x for 'Set Read Speed' will put Pioneer DVDROM drives into 'Quiet' mode. 'Max' will put them into 'Performance' mode
    Added: 'Vendor Specific' inquiry information is now shown in the device 'capabilities' page accessed via the device context menu
    Added: Support for XBOX images that have had their ISO filesystems removed
    Changed: CSS code has been rewritten to cope with strange happenings and should error out a lot less now
    Changed: Stream Processing in File mode - Shows information for more streams (i.e. DTS)
    Changed: CSS code I/O Debug mode logging to make it more useful in identifying problem
    Changed: I/O Debug mode logging to make it more useful in identifying problem
    Changed: VOB CSS 'Encrypted' flag is no longer removed if the program hasn't actually decrypted the file
    Changed: NSIS installer has been updated to be more 'user friendly' for reinstalls etc
    Changed: SPTI Device detection code has been cleaned up - code for NT4 no longer effects 2000 (and newer) OS's
    Changed: ISO Write mode code to hopefully make it more stable
    Changed: Sectors are no longer skipped in basic IFO/File modes due to 'Pack Header Not Found' errors
    Changed: Logic behind getting the free disc space. It no longer uses the root folder but instead the one you've actually selected
    Changed: Source device drop down list now shows 8 devices before scrolling
    Fixed: A problem in the Image File 'Format' detection code where it could error out trying to load small images
    Fixed: Set Read Speed - previous version always set it to 'Max' regardless of the actual setting
    Fixed: ISO Write mode displayed 'Decrypt' as the button tooltip instead of 'Write'
    Fixed: File mode stream processing via CLI no longer includes unwanted streams in the VOB
    Fixed: 'Set Hardware Read Error Reties' should no longer cause certain machines/drives to hang
    Fixed: A problem comparing drive/disc regions that could lead to a 'mismatch' when one didn't really exist
    Fixed: Misalignment of a few controls within the Settings
    Fixed: Tab order of a few controls within the Settings
    Fixed: Issues with PCM demux in IFO/File modes
    Fixed: Issues with PCM information in File mode stream processing dialog
    Fixed: A small problem with the IFO parsing code that could lead to the wrong video resolution being displayed
    Fixed: A bug where the Device Buffer thread could cause a 'Divide By Zero' error
    Fixed: NEC (and alike) drives no longer display 2.3x and 3.9x for supported write speeds in ISO Write mode
    Fixed: 'Pack Header Not Found' entries in the log caused by a previous 'Read Error'
    Fixed: A nasty bug in ISO Write mode when converting 2352 sectors to 2336 ones
    Fixed: A nasty bug in ISO Write mode when converting 2336 sectors to 2352 ones
    Fixed: A logic error when setting the write speed for 'Erasing' a disc
    Fixed: Copy + Paste issue in ISO label change dialog
    Fixed: A problem ('Failed to set Write Parameters') when burning on 'older' CD drives
    Fixed: A problem with file splitting code in File mode
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  2. uhmm the first dual layer burning software....
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    right now the only mirror with theupdated version seems to be doom9
    "Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems." - Rene Descartes (1596-1650)
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