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  1. For those who don't have the patience to wait for the Epson R200 printer to hit the stores Staples have the Epson R300 at $179.98 with free delivery. Use this coupon to save $20 (coupon = 95885). Use this SKU # 520195 to search for the R300 printer.

    For those who are looking for Epson R300 compatible ink has the 6 pack for $55.99 use this coupon to save %40 (coupon = TECH40 hurry coupon ends 03/01/2004).

    Good luck
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  2. Thanks, but coupon 95885 expired 2/28
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  3. I used the ink coupon. Thanks for the heads up! I have no idea how good the ink is though, but a full set ended up costing me about $38. I was told by a Staples employee the printer only comes with partially filled 'starter' ink cartridges.

    I don't have the printer yet, but I'll keep checking with to find another coupon code to use at Staples. There is also some customer appreciation days coming up at Staples that has some slight % discounts, so if I could get a coupon code and buy it with that discout, that would be great.

    However, says (on their website) they are going to have one by 3/4/04 but right now they have it listed at $188. pretty much slams most of the local store competition in pricing (and in accepting returns in my exprience), so I would think they would bring the price down to well below what Staples has it. It seems BestBuy also has the printer for about $179, so I can't see Newegg keeping the price at $188. I might be wrong though.
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  4. mine came with full cartridges
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  5. Cool, then I'll have a backup
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  6. Amazon shipped mine a few days ago and it's sitting right in front of me (r300)..

    So, looks like all the R300 are being shipped from Epson.

    Just in time for the R200's....

    BTW. it was $170.99 out the door for Amazon (pre-ordered two weeks ago) then the price just went up.
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