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  1. I capture my DV in AVI and then produce it with the DVD codec. I am using Powerdirector 3...and I am not happy with the quality of the DVD. Are there other Codecs (besides MPeg2 which was worse) that I should be thinking about?

    Are there plug in codecs.....that will work with Cybelink programs like powerdirector....are there programs around 100 (like Ulead 7.0 ) that have differant codecs that might work better?

    Please let me know if any one knows a better way


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    I don't know anything about Powerdirector 3 but most of us here use TMPGEnc aka TMPGEnc Plus or CINEMA CRAFT ENCODER aka CCE BASIC for our MPEG-2 encoding.

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    VideoStuio 7 has a good MPEG-2 encoder and can produce acceptable DVD's. I've made several and I'm happy with it. However, I'm still testing some very short clips I've make just to see if I think TMPGen is better. I know it should be better because everyone says it is one of the best. For the few tests I'm made I can't tell the difference. However, they are not difficult tests,... just everyday video.

    I also do not think there is anyway to force VideoStudio to use any other MPEG-2 codec. It is built in to the entire program,... which is an "End to End" NLE software. My problem with it is producing SVCD's. I have done my own testing and prefer VBR Constant Quality and this is not an option in VideoStudio. It only has VBR and CBR.
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