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  1. Hi Experts,

    I want to burn a CD that have both VCD Tracks & Audio CD Tracks
    are contained. That CD should be playable on VCD & DVD player also
    when that same CD is inserted in Audio CD Player (Which Only Plays Audio CDs ) play its Audio Track.

    Please suggest the way how to make that kind of "A-VCD".

    Requesting, Serious Answers. Jokes are not Welcome.

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  2. Please Help Me Please Check My Question

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    I'm not sure that it is possible to do this.

    The reason you can have a mixed Audio / Data CD (such as the so-called "enhanced" audio-CD's which have extra features you can access by putting it into your PC's drive) is because a standard audio-CD player only looks at the first session on a multisession CD, ignoring all subsequent sessions (if they exist), whereas computers generally look at the last session on a multisession disc since that session is presumed to have the most "up-to-date" data on it.

    Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure your standard VCD/DVD player will also look only at the first session on the disc, which means it will insist on recognizing your disc only as an audio CD.
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  4. Any Other Thought Of Burning A VCD That Has Seprate Audio Tracks
    And Video.

    Also Compatible With Standalone Audio CD Player.

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  5. I've made a step-by-step tutorial with images. Just click here.
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