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  1. The Chinese website reports that BenQ will display a DVD+R DL (Double Layer) burner, the DW830A, at the CeBIT show (Hannover 18 to 24 March). The DW830A is supposed to be released already in April and to assure a high burning quality it will support the “smart WOPC II” technology. WOPC stands for Walking Optimal Power Calibration and “dynamically detects burning parameter to adjust a suitable burning power”.

    In the third quarter this year BenQ plans to release its second generation double layer burner, the DW1600A, which also will support 16x DVD+R single layer speed to achieve a burn time of about 6 min for a full 4.7 GB DVD. The DW1600A will also support the DVD-R/RW format.
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    Not to be a wet blanket, but it's all smoke and mirrors until you can buy one on (media also!).

    Then it will take months until you can actually use it (none of the software on this site supports dual layer burning/authoring). Then we can start the discussion of 1x dual layer burning versus 8x single layer......
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  3. I bet it will work with single layer media. I heard for dual layer it may burn at 8x for the 1st layer then 2.4x for the 2nd layer.
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  4. of coures it works on single layer.....
    same story....another burner, another media, another problems.....
    then the discusions...which one is better the single or + or - because burning 9G at's a loooooooong time to waiste.
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