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    On 2001-06-04 21:21:15, SingSing wrote:
    Nero is not yet release their build in mpeg compression. ( but soon I think ).
    Most likely you need a program to change avi to mpeg then to VCD.
    All VCD ends up with dat file.
    You can convert it back to mpeg1 or keep a copy of the mpeg1 after you burn it to VCD.
    Good mpeg look great on computer, and take up 10% of the disk space.

    </BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD><HR size=1 color=black></TD></TR></TABLE> Thanks my friend! Take care now.
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  2. Nero v. *does* support avi files. The files will be encoded to VCD format...

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  3. Thanks Jay i will try to burn my .avi files using Nero. Take care.
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