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  1. Pinnacle Studio does not have 2 video tracks so you can't create Picture-In-Picture (PIP) video effect. However... there is workarround that you can use to create same effect. It takes a little of work but tell me.... how many times you will need this effect ?

    Since all my Pinnacle Studio edits are from DV-AVI captures, I am writing guide for that scenario. If you capture in different format, try to adapt guide for your case. I am not going to be able help with questions about codec settings and similar questions.

    1. Get 2 video clips that you are going to use. A-"Main clip" and B-"PIP clip". A should be at least as long as you want to have PIP displayed. B should be same lenght or longer. Put them on time line A first and B second.

    2. Place any Title on Title track and expand it to lenght of A clip.


    3. Open Title for editing

    4. Delete text in title and create 2 "Thumbnail button" objects. Reason for craeting 2 of them is that 1st one is selected and it has yellow film over picture so we will use second one for PIP.

    5. Resize 2nd to size and position that you want your PIP. Make sure that 1st is positioned to the left and higher than 2nd.

    6. Create only 2nd chapter mark. It should point to beggining of clip that you want to use for PIP and enable "Moving video for thumbnails".

    7. Go to "Make" and use AVI option to create clip with PIP that you can use later in your real project.

    8. Later just use part of the clip with PIP video that you craeted, in your project like any other clip. It has now permanently embeded PIP

    Good Luck !
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  2. donpedro, interesting Idea, you could even take it one step further and create your own button. Simply load up Paint Shop Pro or any other decent picture software that can create a mask and save it as an alpha channel. OF course you want to create the mask of the area that you want transparent. Mike Shaw has a great example of this on his web page. The other alternative would be using HFX Plus or Pro but unless your going to spend a lot of time video editing it may not be for the weak hearted.

    For more information check out this page

    Donpedro, great job at pointing out the buttons for picture and picture, I would not have thought of that.
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  3. Links to more pages with goodies can be found at the beggining of this post...
    Pinnacle Studio 8 and DV home video editing
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  4. This worked wonderfully for me. Though I was thrown at first because my pip had a yellow film over the picture in pinnacle. But once I rendered it, everything was fine.

    Thanks for a great tutorial
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