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  1. I just upgraded from an Athlon 1400 w/750 MB of pc-133 RAM to a new P4 2.8 Ghz, 800 mhz fsb, w/1 GB 3200 DDR Ram.
    Transferring from my Sony Digital-8 cam via firewire was always perfect, even using it as a passthrough for old VHS tapes.
    Now, with the new hardware I'm dropping a few frames - probably 5 or 6 per hour. I realize it's not a big deal, but I'd like to see if I can get things back the way they were.
    Everything else is exactly the same, including drives and their locations on the IDE bus, video card, sound card, etc. I've had the same problem using the built in 1394 ports and using my old firewire card (disabled the built in ports).
    The new Mobo is a Soyo, using the intel I875 chipset.
    I figured capturing with the new setup would be a cakewalk. I'm a little disappointed with the results.
    Anyone have a suggestion about where I might look for that last little bit of performance?
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    I suggest that something on the new MB is still not set up right,... or there is something still running in the background and interrupts the process just enough to cause a dropped frame. Last but not least,... is your C drive on the same buss as your capture drive.

    Also, take a look at the Tweak Guides for Windows XP. It really help me get my system tunned for capture.
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    You are dropping frames not because of the new hardware but its improper or incomplete setup. Make sure your BIOS is properly setup, HD's properly connected/setup, reinstall FW driver + of course make sure you have MB drivers installed. Watch captures and see what happens when drop occurs. Close background apps. Uninstall old MB drivers (Athlon VIA/Apollo driver).
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