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  1. Please excuse a NOOB's question. I've got a Hi-8 tape I need to transer onto my computer. I borrowed an old Hi-8 camera from a friend but it only has S-video out (along w/ RCA audio L/R). I'm using Adobe Premiere 6.0 to capture to my ATI AIW 8500 breakout box (which has an S-video input). I spent last night trying to get it to work with no luck. I'm wondering if it's that Premiere only captures with a firewire connection... I mean does S-video even transfer DV? Anyone shed any light?? Thanks in advance!
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  2. You should probably use MMC to capture S-Video.

    I don't know about Premiere but other editing apps I've tried have let me select what source I want to capture, be it through firewire or the ATI box. However I've never actually tried capturing analogue through anything other than MMC (I don't see a need to). The video on your Hi-8 tape isn't DV, it's analogue.
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  3. Wow - I always thought Hi-8 was digital video! If it isn't, how come you can firewire it? Many thanks tho, Hambone. I'm not doubting you - just trying to learn.

    Oh yeah, in Premiere it only lets me select between "Windows Video" and IEEE1394. That's what got me to thinking it only handled firewire transfer. Thanks again!
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  4. There's digital-8 and Hi-8. As far as I know, Hi-8 is analogue and digital 8 is digital. And I don't think you can capture analogue through firewire.

    Someone here please school me on this if I'm wrong. I've always just assumed that.
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    Firewire is a digital transfer pipe. You can, however, convert analog to digital and transfer it via firewire. Digital 8 camcorders do just that when you play a regular 8mm or Hi8 tape. There are also stand alone boxes like the Canopus ADVC100 which can convert analog signals from VHS, 8mm, Hi8, etc to digital and send it along via firewire to your computer. Many digital camcorders also have this pass-thru feature.
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