I just installed VCDEasy 2.0 and so far I'd have to give it a big thumbs down becuase two changes since v1.1.7:

1) In version 1.x you could select whether to just create a bin/cue or to both create and burn from the "Main" page. Now you can't change this preference without having to go File->Settings->CDWrite/Read, changing the "Use internal internal burning engine (CDRDAO)" setting, then close the application and reopen it. BIG STEP BACKWARDS, I don't know how they thought this might be an improvement.

2) The "Volume Label" and the "Album Name" are now found on two different views, meaning you can no longer name both of them in the same view. Kind of a pain.

Have to say, very unimpressed. Looks like I'm back to 1.1.7[/b]