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  1. Or at least, my windows applications show it as 360x240.

    Apologies for semi- off topic. I am capturing analog, but the answer probably lies in the DV world.

    I have captured via WinDv, Winproducer, and Vegas Video 3.0LE. The files thus produced all play in Windows Media Player, Winamp3, and Media Player Classic as 360x240.

    Winproducer and Vegas Video 3.0LE show them as 720x480.

    I'm leaning in one of two directions:

    1. The ADVC1394 fakes 720x480 in some sort of DV way that the included software understands, but others do not.

    2. My windows DV TypeII Codec is non-standard and doesn't decode the perfectly good files from the ADVC1394.

    Anybody know which, know a fix, or have another option to condider?


  2. I *think* your problem might be the MPEG-2 decoder that WMP is using. You can find that out in File > Properties > whatever.

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    By default windows plays DV files back at "half" resolution. While playing a file in media player go to File > Properties > Advanced > DV Video Decoder > Properties, then select the size you want it to play, check set as default and click apply.

  4. My Windows Media Player (version 8) doesn't have 'advanced' under "File>Properties". What version does?



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    6. it's in the newer versions too somewhere, properties for the DV video codec, just don't know where.

  6. Ah. The interface to DV decoder in WMP 8 and 9 is under:


    Rather than an explicit setting, there's a slider small-large. Setting it all the way to large in WMP 8 did nothing; in WMP 9, it makes the file show as 640x480.

    Winamp3 and Media Player Classic still think it's 360x240. Gspot and AVICodec think it's 720x480.

    I don't know how to prove what size TMPEG thinks it's source files are, but the wizard wants to encode my files as 352x240, which is at least a hint that TMPEG thinks they are not 720x480 - and what TMPEG thinks is what really counts, in the long run.

    So WTF? How is it possible for there to be so many differing opinions as to the content of an AVI File?


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