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  1. Ok let's say that i created a program in Visual, how would you run that program like you run calculator on your start menu.
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    Well, assuming you named the application newcalc.exe, I would just copy
    it to your start menu :P

    You would do this by just dragging the file newcalc.exe (from your explorer
    folder) to the Start button (lower left) and the rest is done by windows.

    Now, whenever you want to start YOUR newcalc version of calc, you would
    just press the Start button, and look your your app :P

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    You would look for the option in VB that says 'Make ????.exe' - in VB6 it's under the 'File' options - I don't know about but I imagine it should be similar.

    Once your have created an 'exe' file you can then treat it like any other windows program.
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