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  1. I ordered 50 blank Ritek RW's from Newegg, and got discs marked "RiData". Are these Riteks? The font looks similar, but i wasn't sure.
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  2. I think both RiData and Arita are the in house brands that ritek sells their disc under.
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  3. Thanks for the info. Do you know if they are the same quality level as 'regular' Riteks?
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  4. Dont forget their new brand Ridisc. Ive heard around that Arita is the brand sometimes used to sell BGrade discs, ive always seen Artia and Ridata GO4's for much less than Ritek branded.
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  5. I haven't actually seen the brand ridisc yet. Where do they sell them. I may be wrong, but I dont' think I've actually seen any packaging that shows ritek either. The packaging on the outside usually says ridata on the outside. But elmotheteapot may be right about Arita's being grade b, I've heard that before too, tho. the 100 pack tha I purchased seems to burn okay.
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  6. openup: Ridisc's only current product is the film reel effect Go4's

    Aritas are occasionally normal GO4 quality but occasionally there are displaying signs of Grade B for a few weeks (too many are bad to be a bad batch), they seem less consistent hence the lower price.

    Riteks are also avaliable under their own name

    they seem to be more expensive but due to the strong pound have taken at leasta 10 pound price drop in a 50 disc spindle.

    We musnt also forget traxdata, a ritek brand.

    btw/ both discs above are from
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  7. Those look sort of cool. I think verbatim has something similiar.... Is Ridisc part of Ritek tho. or just someone that uses ritek disc?
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  8. I believe that ridisc are owned by ritek (ie a brand name like ridata) rather than just a company using their name.

    edit: about Arita ive oftn seen ritek overprints advertised under this name (numerous other name aswell but these names are not owned by ritek)
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  9. Man, ritek really does have a lot of brands. Yeah, the aritas I bought burn well, but have bumpy edges and the disc at the top and bottom of the spindle had scratches.. burned fine tho and no read errors came up with dvdinfopro. Unlike the philips cmc disc I had. The had no scretches and smoother edges, but had some retrys when I used dvdinfopro to check them. thanks for the info. elmotheteapot
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  10. Originally Posted by ziffel
    Thanks for the info. Do you know if they are the same quality level as 'regular' Riteks?

    I love those Arita Brand DVD+Rs. I discovered them at several months ago when I was looking for an alternative to the more costly Verbatim Dataplus DVD+R.

    I'll be burning my 500th Arita DVD+R today. To date, I have only had one coaster and I honetly believe that was my fault because I had upgraded to a version of Nero which I later learned was incompatable with my Plextor 708A DVD Writer.

    I've tested these Arita Brand DVD+Rs on every DVD player available at my local Circuit City and Good Guys electronics store. The Arita DVDs played in every DVD unit, from the cheapo DVD players to the top brand name Progresssive DVD players. They also play flawlessly in my Liteon DVD Player 2001.

    Word of caution if you buy these Arita DVD+R's from Check their webage often for prices. I've paid as little as $79.99 to as much as $97.00 for the Arita DVD's in the branded 100 pack. Newegg does not offer a "price guarentee."
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  11. Arita DVD+R are not riteks but made by Ricoh, as so many media companies have their + media made by. The Arita Grade B theory is for -R ie the ritek produced, i have heard reports of the bumpy edge effect on Aritas (i once got some on some Datasafe GO3, not a ritek brand name, and they burnt fine).
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  12. From SVP's site uk :

    Ridata media is a brand name owned by Ritek (along with Traxdata and Arita), so you can be sure that media sold as Ridata has all come straight from Riteks production lines.
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  13. I dont dispute that arita is a brand name of ritek, however, some arita +r are discs are manufactered by Ricoh
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  14. Originally Posted by elmotheteapot
    I dont dispute that arita is a brand name of ritek, however, some arita +r are discs are manufactered by Ricoh
    I was replying to the original post by ziffel m8 ..... dont know much about Richoh, so wouldn't comment.
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  15. I have been quite happy with my purple Arita dics... until yesterday when I discovered a vein of them in my spindle that are apparently bad. Plextor 708A with Nero has always managed a maximum of 8x burns with these, and then suddenly a half dozen bad ones in a row, always during the first 3rd of the disk! I thought it was a software or hardware problem until I could burn the same items on different brands of media.

    I have around 60 left... I bought them from Newegg about a month ago. I am keeping my fingers crossed it's a "small vein" and not a major artery.
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    Those " film reel effect " ones are also sold as Verbatims here in Germany.
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  17. I too love those Arita discs as well. Never got them for $79 a spindle (what a steal) but lately both Meritline and Newegg have been out of stock with them lately. So I picked up some Ridata discs at meritline. Same media codes as the Arita's. May not get the same price but pretty much get the same disc.
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  18. am currently burning into my 4th 25 pack of Ridisc media - exactly the same quality/header info as the Ridata discs I've had (all from - bookmark them, dirt cheap!!). Also had those film reels too - all excellent, not a single coaster.
    as long as you're buying from somewhere you trust and they say it's grade A ritek/ridisc/ridata you can't go wrong imho.
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