Hi all.

I'm wondering if there is a command-line version of DVD Pather or any
other type of MPEG utiliity out their.

Currently, I'm using dvd pather for all my "patch" work. I patch my .m2v
files to as such:

* 3.8mb / 16:9 / (o) 720 / (o) x480 / (o) 23.976 / (o) Entire file

And, I have perfect .m2v MPEG-2 file. So far, I have no complaints and
the quality is just pretty good to me.. using ffvfw (I'm testing this tool out)
But, for all my constant muxing/patching, I need something w/ a little more
flexability. If there were a command-line version of dvd patcher, or another
MPEG patcher/muxer like dvd patcher, I would use it. Does anyone have
any suggestions ??
My goal is to create a tiny front-end gui app, and add in a drag'n drop
feature, so that this patching process could be more quicker.

My programming of this app would be Delphi 6.

Thanks everyone,