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  1. is there a correct way of connecting a digicam to pc via firewire. In my manual it says "turning the camcorder on or off while the pc is switched on may cause your pc to malfunction"

    What malfunction may this be and what IS the correct way to connect ?

    Many thanks.
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  2. Hmm.. isn't firewire by design a hot-swappable interface. so by specs it would have to allow the turning on and off of devices while connected.

    I have 5 devices that I can hookup to my pc via firewire, and I've never had any problems with having to turn any of them off. But if the manual suggests it I would first connect the device, then turn the device on. Couldn't hurt.
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    I just made sure my camcorder and PC was "OFF" when I made all the connections, then I turned on the camcorder to VCR mode. I also had my software already loaded and in capture mode. The instant that the camcorder went into VCR mode, my software detected it and ask me if I wanted to use the firewire connection for capture. After that, I've not had a problem. All transfers are at max speed and no dropped frames.

    Hope this helps
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