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  1. I have a problem when I add the mpg file I wanna burn and it scans it, it only scans about 18 minutes of 40 minutes that the mpg is, I was watching the mpg yesterday and I think is a minor glitch that the mpg has. Can anyone tell me how can I still burn this file in its entirety. thanks
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  2. Open TMPGEnc.
    Go to File, mpeg tools.
    Go to the multiplex tab.
    Add the movie, select an output folder/filename.
    Select Mpeg1 VCD, or Mpge2 SVCD in the top box.
    Hit the RUN button.
    Cheers, Jim
    My DVDLab Guides
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  3. yes... multiplexing again the MPEG file with TMPGEnc often solve this kind of problem... This is generally a good idea to try first with this "demultiplex then multiple again with TMPGenc" when you have a problem with one of your MPEG file (error in the file, no chapters can be defined, end of the file ignored...)

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  4. Good advice on using TMPGEnc MPEG Tools for a quick demux/remux as the first line of defense. However, there are many times when this doesn't correct the problem.

    I HATE Nero for (S)VCD because of its lack of chapter support, but on the rare occasion where I just can't get VCDEasy to scan the entire file because of an encoding glitch I'll use Nero as a last resort as it is more forgiving in these situations.
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