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  1. I can't hear any audio when played back on my DVD player. Everythings fine when payed on the computer. Any Ideas?
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  2. how did you encode the audio?
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  3. I'm a Newbie and really haven't learned how to do that yet. I used TMPGenc to join the two Mpegs and then used Easyvcd to burn. The video part is fine. I have been investigating and understand the problem could possibly be in my DVD player's setup. I will try to switch to analog pcm?
    That is if I can figure out how to do it. Do you think that will work? Thanks for the reply
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  4. so I take it u downloaded the mpg files then? goin by what u said.
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  5. Hi, Sorry for the delay, just returned to town. Yes, I downloaded the mpegs. What do you think the problem might be?
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  6. what it could be is wrongly encoded audio, sure it will play fine if ur computer has the right codec installed.

    what I suggest is run the mpg files through tmpgenc as whatever format they were burned as makin sure ur usin correct frame rate eg: 23 fps = NTSC 25 FPS = PAL

    see if that helps.
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