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  1. I have a DVD folder with VOB files that are PAL

    it will burn/play on MY dvd player but none of my friends'

    i would like to convert this DVD from pal to NTSC so that i can play it any dvd player

    I would also like to add a menu to this DVD...

    what software or methods can i use to do this without comprimising quality?
    Wasn't me.
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  2. I too have this issue ,,,,VOB files are PAL 4:3 and I need to convert to NTSC as my stand alone DVD player will not recognize PAL. I did follow a few How-to's but it did not work....One How-to was How to convert PAL DVD 16:9 to NTSC SVCD 4:3 but the PAL vob I have is 4:3..the other was
    PAL (Video) DVD (25i Fps) -> NTSC DVD (29.97i Fps) but had probs there too.....
    oh well..Ill try again
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  3. There are 2 ways of converts PAL VOBs to NTSC VOBs.
    Method 1 -- the celver way:
    Step 1 -- rip the VOB to hard disc using SmartRipper or
    DVD Decrypter.
    Step 2 -- Demux the VOB into elementary streams using TMPG or VDub. If you encoder a problem with UNRECOGNIZED AUDIO FORMAT, you will need to install a DirectShow ac3 audio filter. Check or the TOOLS section of this forum. Many Windows ac3 filters are readily available for download as freeware.
    Step 3 -- Try feeding the elementary streams into an DVD authoring app to check. If you get an error similar to GOP BLOCK OUT OF TEMPORAL SEQUENCE or UNRECGONIZED END OF FILE, it's because the DVD was originally authored using separate MPEG-2 files linked to one another int he DVD header rather than as complete separate MPEG-2 files in different title sets. If you get this error and the DVD authoring program aborts with an error mssg, go to Step 4. Otherwise, skip Step 4.
    Step 4 -- To fix the EOF or GOP TEMPORAL SEQUENCE error, feed the m2v into Womble MPEG VCR and output as a file of the same size, then feed the Womble output m2v into ReJig and output without editing to a different filename. This fixes all GOP SEQUENCE BLOCK errors or unexpected EOF errors.
    Step 5 -- Use BeSweet to convert the mpa or ac3 elementary audio stream to a WAV file.
    Step 6 -- Feed the m2v video stream into a video encoding program and set the DEINTERLACE BEFORE ENCODE. Then choose NTSC video specs, 720 x 480 with 29.97. You *MUST* use deinterlace before encoding to avoid video artifacts. Encode the video.
    Step 7 -- Feed the encoded m2v stream and the WAV file audio stream ito a DVD authoring program and re-author the DVD.. It will now be an NTSC DVD.

    BRUTE FORCE METHOD: Some video encoders won't let you avoid interlacing artifacts in the PAL-to-NTSC conversion. Try a short test block to check. If you get crappy looking output wiht your video encoder, us the brute force method.
    Namely, rip the VOBs onto hard disk, demux into elementayr streams, them conver the ac3 audio file into WAV and use TMPGenc or MPG2AVI to convert the m2v video stream to an AVI file.
    Encode to an NTSC MPEG-2 mpg file using the AVI file as video input and hte WAV file as audio input. Remember to de-interlace before encoding.
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  4. So, what happens after mpeg2 stream? you don't end up with NTSC VOBs. I thought that's the question...PAL Vob -> NTSC Vob.
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    Then you put the mpeg-2 into a DVD Authoring program and make a new DVD.
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