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  1. Somebody mentioned me the availability of Brooktree capture
    (sys,inf,etc) tweaked. These would allow for many different
    codecs and, mainly, would accept being used by many if not
    almost all capture applications.
    Has anyone heard/tryed these? Or are they just a figment of
    whishfull imagination? And if they're for real: where can
    one obtain them?
    Would very much appreciate any pertinent feedback.
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    see this:

    Won't help with virtualdub/avi_io as they are VFW apps which require wrapper to WDM drivers. The wrapper chokes on anything bigger than XXX by 288. This guy also has a shareware WDM capture app - iuVCR. Have not tried yet.
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  3. Thanks for your input FingernailX.

    The question remaining for me is: if that bt grappler thing will also work with "proprietary" capture applications --
    once while i operate mainly with VDub and/or Avi_Io,when it concerns TV capture i have to resort to the application
    package provided by Provideo (PV951) which is finnicky
    (sound capt!) if one uses any another software.
    VDub as you know has a tweak capture drv utility but it
    does not works in my above system.

    I'll try it though. Thanks again.
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  4. If you get the dScaler app (recently renamed to dTV), a TV viewing app it will allow you to tweak the drivers in virtualdub (just copy all the files to your vdub directory and in vdub choose tweak bt8x
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