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    arrived03 wrote:
    all i can say is the ones using the expensive discs will have another expensive round moving all your movies to dual layer , as for me i use mainly princos which are half the price of riteks at 50c a disc , not one of my backups are playing up & my son watches jurassic park over & over again on a longten , if one day i do eventually come up with a problem then i will simply spend another 50c for the disc and do another backup or by that time i will simply re do it on dual layer by then . There is absolutely no need to use maxells or taio yuden for backing up your dvd collection & the people who say otherwise are sending you on an expensive trip .
    It sounds like you'll be the one spending money on expensive dual layer dvd media. First of all dual layer media will be out sometime in July or end of this month and it will be expensive.

    I dont' think people will be moving all of their movies to dual layer as you have stated in your post. I'm certainly not one of them. While my dvd backups & family video are on quality dvd media like MAXELL, TAIYO YUDEN & RICOH, I'll have the last laugh when your PRINCO'S that you purchase fail to work and when you purchase more PRINCO'S in my opinion you'll be the one wasting your money in the long run. As the saying goes "TO EACH'S OWN".

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  2. Originally Posted by arrived03
    all i can say is the ones using the expensive discs will have another expensive round moving all your movies to dual layer
    What makes u think that ppl will be backing up their collections on dual layer media?. For movie back ups, I use ritek, they are inexpensive and more reliable than princo. Besides, i don't have time to back up the same thing over and over.

    It's interesting to see that when u buy princo, u are fully aware that u will have to make the same back up several times!
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    if you read my post prperly i said IF i have problems not when i have problems & when i say backing them up on dual layer that could be another !2 months - 2 years before i even contemplate it , all i am saying is even if just say 10% failin the next 12 months out of 300 movies , then that is just 30 discs i have to replace , total cost $15 or the discs might be cheaper by then , it only takes between 18 minutes & 30 minutes to back up a movie so reburning is a non issue & like I said I own the originals so again no problems.
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