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  1. I finally got my TY 52X cdr's this past Thursday, and have printed about 10 discs with NO visible banding. I used Epson's CD Print software and also Surething CD labeler 4. Neither program produced any banding. I also use Memorex +R DVD media with no banding. Maybe a bad batch. Has anyone compared where they bought their specific media from??

    P.S. This is with the EPSON R200
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  2. I have had the R300 for a month or so now and have printed to Verbatim CDRs and DVD-r with no visible banding at all. The CD's are a bit nicer surface and the print looks a bit better but both give very good results.

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  3. It's not evident in most of mine either....But you'll see it one of these times under the proper light.

    The darker prints are more evident. It may have something to do with resolution, but I haven't found the correlation yet.

    I spray coat some of my disks outdoors and the sunlight and Krylon make the banding more apparent. It's not bad enough for me to lose any sleep over though.
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  4. Well I went to my DVDs and looked very very closely on them and I cannot make out any banding of any type. Some of my DVDs are very dark (black top half) and others are light and there is no noticeable banding in any kind of light I put them under.

    Hope I never do see it

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  5. I am using silver print to hub unbranded TYs with the Epson Print CD software. The only time I have gotten the banding is when using a very light colored background. I have changed all my templates to darker colors like reds and blacks and I do not get banding. Seems opposite everyone else.

    I looked closely last night and it seems the area that appears to be banding is the area between the rollers. I assume the rollers have a reaction with the disc, or there is an oil on the rollers that makes that portion a different color than the strips not touched prior to printing.

    Regardless, the metallic finish using the silver printables is sweet. I am very happy with my current templates using darker colors and they are not banding. I guess YMMV.
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  6. I've used
    Memorex 4X DVD+R Printable
    Ritek G04 Printables
    PrincoS03 Printables

    No banding. Burned at least a couple hundred combined.

    Only marks I've gotten were from not cleaning the roller.

    The Riteks have the best surface I've seen and any imperfections would clearly show on those.
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  7. Well. I just looked at two I did last night on the Princos and YES I DO SEE BANDING (one on each side) exactly 1/2". They are hard to see unless you look at the disc at different angles. They are the roller marks of the printerm but they don't leave any ink.

    It's not a very big issue for me though.
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  8. Nothing worth screaming about...but it's there. Media has a something to do with it. My Riteks don't seem to show as much as my Maxell's. They're still frikkin' gorgeous, IMHO.
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  9. ^ Yeah. I agree. If I didn't read this thread, I wouldn't have noticed the banding. I might try wiping the media tops first and see if that helps.
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    Just curius, has anyone tried cleaning (water? Alcohol?) the Disc's first? Maybe a coating or something is causing the reaction....
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