Before, anyone gets angry (if you are think about), i did search numerous times through the forum looking for an answer; however, i still feel unconfident about this.

I have a divx movie. Using TMPG and attempting to change it to a mpg i got an audio decode error. I came to the conclusion that it is because my sampling rate is 48000Hz. I read in another post to use DVD2AVI to change (or decode) the rate to 44100Hz (i think that was the rate).

Because I am still unsure, can someone tell me the best program and the best settings on how to complete the procedure so i can convert my divx movie into a mpg. I will be using TMPG (I decided to mention is, if it was possible to use the an external editor or something, e.g. tooLame for audio). Please give a detailed run through as I have not used this program you are going to talk about :0.

Thanks in advance