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    Changes in Current Version:
    Added support for RGB 16-bit and 24-bit video preview
    Fixed possible crash during video preview initialization
    Added preference options for overlapped I/O and read block size, may increase ripping performance on some systems
    Changes to Nero initialization parameters which caused excessively slow read speeds on some configurations
    Added Nero burn options: write speed, book type and DVD+R/RW high compatibility mode switch
    Fixed "no default audio" and "no default subpicture" options in re-author mode
    Fixed bug where deep analysis could still be forced on
    Increased maximum compression to same level as 3.0b5
    Fixed bug which prevented opening of individual IFO files
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  2. Where can i download 3.1.3 from?????

    i've tried all the links on the officail site
    some dont work & the others only have 3.1.2????
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    Bottom right of the screen under Newest version, Mirror1.
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  4. Before you d/l:
    I tried 3.1.3 and now if you re-author you have to make sure to set default audio and subtitles otherwise when you play the DVD the secondary(etc) audio and subs will be on.Setting transfer rate to 32kb didn't help either.
    I'm going back to 3.1.1
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  5. Cheers movie geek, got it straight away
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