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  1. Ive downloaded a 700 meg movie which has been split into 12 mpeg files.
    What is the best and easiest method of joining them all back together and burning them onto dvd-r so i can play it on my ps2 or another player?

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  2. Are they all the same framerate, aspect and use the same codecs ?. If so you can join them using mpeg tools in tmpgenc. Then export to say something like tmpgenc dvd author and then burn with say nero.
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    They were probably split with something like HJsplit. It's a common technique used by people who can't be bothered to make a proper split archive with winrar or stuffit, or winzip. Mostly found with porn as those guys generally can't be bothered to get with the times. The other possibility is that they are many "sample" segments with a title at the beginning and end, again, mostly with porn but you occasionaly find other mainstream content broken like this.
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  4. Thanks guys for the info and yes its an adult film although its good quality broken into 12.

    Ill give the software suggested a go.

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