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  1. Could someone explain to me the difference between Disc-at-once and Track-at-once?

    Also, how big of a file is it safe to overburn, as data, to a 700m disc?

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    Quite simply, TAO turns off the laser between tracks, while DAO does not. This was copied from the Nero help file included with the program...

    With 'Disc-at-once', the whole medium is written in one go without deactivating the laser. In the 'Disc-at-once/96' (DAO/96) process, more data is written, which can produce better results for actions such as copying CDs.

    Note: Audio, video and Super Video CDs should always be burned using Disc-at-once even though it is also possible to select Track-at-once. We do not recommend using Track-at-once. It is better to use Disc-at-once/96 for copying CDs.

    As for overburn, you can most likely go to about 703 MB, but you could risk data corruption beyond that. You can experiment with a disc you don't care about too much, to see how far you can go. It will vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.
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