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  1. ok, this is my prob, I'm trying to make vcds with mpeg 2 files but when I vcd them it tells me that it's the right file type, so it tries to convert it (btw using nero xpress) the thing is that when it's done converting there's this huge lag betwen the audion and video, go I figured maybe it was nero's conversion that did this... now I found out that mpeg2 are supposedly used for svcds so I tried that, but on my player (Koss Kd260) when I put the cd in it makes the menu skip and and black instead of blue, and when I get into the video it rotates vertically and is still black and blue... now I was wondering if there was a way to maybe conver the files to normal mpegs so that I could vcd them, or maybe someone could tell me how to svcd them properly for me to view them on my player...
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