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  1. I have tried CBR,VBR and MVBR with different bitrate settings but always getting a choppy output. Can someone please recommend the CCE settings for the following DVD source file?
    Aspect Ratio 4:3
    Frame Rate 29.970 fps
    Video Type Film 99%
    Frame Type Switches between Progressive and Interlaced

    I'm using the following script to frameserve----

    I'm sure my DVD player,(Pioneer 535), can read SVCDs since my SVCD encoded captured home videos plays back perfectly.
    Any help is very much appreciated.
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  2. OK, we really need more info but I think I understand you setup. Here's some back ground and what to do.

    1) Rip DVD
    2) Use DVD2AVI to generate D2V (video) and wav (audio) file. Make sure that force film is turned on if preview shows 90%+ film OR if anime.
    3) Use tooLame to convert the wav -> MP2
    4) D/load & install MPEG2DEC, AVIsynth (
    5) Make the following AVISynth file:

    if 16:9

    if 4:3

    6) Load AVS script in CCE, click on video and make sure progressive frames and zig-zag scan are checked. Make sure that audio encode is NOT checked. Encode -> MPV

    7) Run pulldown on MPV file to generate 29.97fps MPV file (

    8) Mux pulldown.mpv + tooLame.MP2 -> MPG

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