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  1. I live in Japan and I am using a Japanese PS2 to play my DVDs. My PS2 is not mod-chipped, so it will only play Japanese DVDs.

    I have downloaded a couple American DVDs and burned them onto DVD-R. Is there a way I can burn a DVD so that it is "Region-Free"??? I don't want to alter my PS2 (get a mod-chip) if I don't have to.

    I have read that "Daemon tools", or a combination of "Any DVD" and "DVD Shrink" will do this, but I am a complete NOOB, so I need some advice on which is the best way.

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    Downloaded DVDs sounds pretty near this sites definition of wares, which is not something discussed here, but I take it that they are not copyrighted...
    To answer your question, IfoEdit can remove region protection. Just load the ifo, press the Region free button, save ifo. Burn. Done.

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  3. When you say you download American DVD's, does that mean you're a pirate ?

    If so, you won't get any help here - the forum rules strictly say:

    Do NOT give warez.

    Do NOT link to warez .

    Do NOT ask for warez.

    Do NOT provide information how to obtain warez.

    Do NOT advocate warez.

    Warez includes downloaded copyrighted movies, movies that are not yet released on VHS/DVD and copying rented movies.

    What you are doing could well be illegal.
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