I am new to DVD burning. I have a Panasonic DV recorder that I have been taking home movie on for 3 year. I want to convert to DVD. I am having a strange problem and am not sure why. First here is what I have been doing not sure if it it the best way but I did git one sucessful DVD burn and it looks great.

- Captured using Windows Movie Maker at straight DV best quaility
- The file size was around 19 to 20 GB for 90 min of video.
- I used a demo Version of Nero 6.0 and imported the vedio file
into Nerovision Express then made Chapters and menus.
- Nero's tool said that the project was only arounf 3.5 GB so I burn my
first test dvd on to a DVD+RW and it worked
- Then the trouble or questions started.
- I went to burn another tape. I captured it the same way and it was
around 90 min of video and also took around 19GB as an AVI.
- When I put that in to Nero to burn it said it was too large to fit on
DVD around 4.6GB
- So I cut the video and then added menus and it said the size
was 4.21 so I burned after 9 hours it got to the end of the burn and said
the disk was full.
- I have retried this with other disks and even a DVD+R disk and had the
same problem
- I also burned the data to a file and the file size is 4.21 but when I copied
that file named (VIDEO_TS)to a dvd the sound track didn't match the
video. I am not sure if copy was the right thing to do when you burn to
a file but I couldn't find another option.
- As an added note just as a test I recaptured the first video and when I
put that into nero now it also says it's 4.6GB not the 3.5 that I had
burned before.

This all seems very strange to me. Any advice or suggestions to what I am doing wrong or why this is happening would be great.