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  1. I have used vdub to extract audio from several AVIs and never had a problem when I am muxing (?!) video and audio back together on a dvd.

    However in this case there is a noticible sync problem (starts off okay and gets (slighlty) noticible 20 mins before the end of the file.

    The avi plays fine
    After saving the wav in vdub (and even vdubmod) and playing the file back in vdub with the extracted wav as audio, the exact same sync problerm occurs I have used goldwave to also create a wav file but the same problem occurs (in fact its much worse).

    Vdub decribes the audio on the avi as being 1h:44m:17s:57 long where as the wav file is 1h:44m:16s:896 (info from headache). However I think its normal for a descrepency

    given the fact the avi plays fine in all my players I have I am at a loss to work out why A & V are not marring up on the DVD.

    Please reply as I am only three years old and I have already been living on the streets for several years and I have not eaten in almost four days, and when I did it was my left sock. All I want is for my sync problem to go away (and a new pair of socks)
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    Link below.
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