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  1. When im tryning to convert files in xmpeg or tmpgenc my computer shut down after ap 10 minutes. This never happen before i reinstall winxp pro.
    Sombody told that it could be te temp on the cpu. But cant find anything in Bios to set the temp..

    So what to do??
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    Can you read the temp from the BIOS page? Also make sure you don't have any screensavers running or that it isn't set to go to standby. Control panel>Display. Check there. If it's a heat problem, try running with the case off and it should run longer. There are a lot of things that can cause shutdown. The name and model of your motherboard would help us.
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  3. I would bet it ISNT a heat problem. Forget the motherboard. What is the make and model specs of your know the info that is listed on the box. Is WinXP the factory installed OS?? If not you could have some kind of conflict with drivers and hardware. I have seen some weird stuff happen after upgrading. Win2K is the best to upgrade or downgrade to but that is my opinion, I gave away WinXP pro to buy 2000 and haven't gone back since, but that's because my processor likes it better.
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  4. Have you had the cpu heatsink off for any reason? Maybe it's not mounted properly in the first place and just contacting the cpu on one side (like the leaning tower of pisa). I have seen this happen (rebooting) after 10 min into an encoding session. The cpu heatsink needed to be rotated 180 degrees. Rock solid afterwards tho.
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