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  1. hi
    ive been trying to convert mpeg to avi with virtual dub mod.
    but it stops 15 min into converting saying invalid audio frame or something similar to that.and when i try converting with something else it sends the sound out of sinc?
    is there anything else i could use?
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  2. Sounds like you audio stream may have an error or both the video and audio together. Virtualdub usually crashes when it hits a bad frame, at least when scanning MPG files and that's essentially what is happening when it converts the mpg to an avi. It wasnt meant to convert mpg's anyway, only avi's but it was hacked to open mpg files. I would try and remove the audio from the MPG (demux) and fix the audio track then mux and try again.
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  3. THANK'S
    but how do i remove the audio and fix it?
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