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  1. i have an avi file and im tryin to convert it to mpeg usin tmpeg. firstly when i tried to convert it it came to an error sayin "index of scan line is out of range(272)
    then i tried virtual dub to see if there were any bad frames but then this error came up
    "An out-of-bounds memory access (access violation) occurred in module 'xvid'... ...while decompressing video frame 3318 with "XviD MPEG-4 Codec" [biCompression=44495658] (VideoSource.cpp:1609)... ...while running thread "Processing" (thread.cpp:105)"
    i tried usin the website to solve sum problems but still could fix it. if anyone can find a solution tell me please.
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  2. I had that happen once. Not sure but I think maybe the wrong XVID is installed. XVID is more picky than DIVX. I have the best luck with ffdshow. Otherwise install klite codec pack and switch between the 2 xvid codecs and try again. It also look like virtualdub hit an error but crashed due to the codec problem. hope this helps.
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  3. ahhhh thanks mate. took me 3hours and nothin happened. didnt think it had sumthin to do with the codecs
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