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  1. What does bitrate mean? Does it affect the picture quality of the video?

    I used Showbiz to burn a home video and at 5 bps, there is a big difference compared to 7 bps whe it comes to quality.

    When I used nerovision the highest bps I could use is at 9bps. I noticed the file is larger (cmpressing it less) and the quality is excellent.

    In order to get the best quality video, does it depend on bit rate used?
    What software has more than 9bps when burning?

    Thanks and I hope I made sense.
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  2. Look in the GLOSSARY to your left.
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    Do yourself a favour and read the guides and glossary.

    To answer : YES - bitrate affects the picture quality of the video in a big way.
    Basically it is "an amount' of data "allocated to" a particular part of video over a period of time. The more data the better the file. In this case a better picture.

    An anology : Take a bitmap at 720*480 now compress it using JPEG . Compress at max quality , 30% compression and maybe 50% compression.
    Now view these side by side. Which looks better : The bitmap (original of course) BUT the max quality JPEG should look just as good with a much smaller file size. MPEG2 works simmilar to this(with a few extras)

    Bitrate is a function of your ENCODER nothing to do with burning.
    There are other factors that affect video "quality" but bitrate is one that is easily controlled.

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  4. Thanks for the prompt replies. So can anyone suggest an encoder software with a high bitrate. What's the maximum bit rate an mpeg2 encoder have?
    Like I mentioned before nerovision goes up to 9716 bps. Any higher than that?
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    Hi fab70,

    Originally Posted by holistic
    Do yourself a favour and read...
    Sound advice...

    Originally Posted by fab70
    So can anyone suggest an encoder software with a high bitrate.
    Check out (i.e. read) "Video Encoders" in the "Tools" section. Common favourites are TMPGEnc and Cinema Craft Encoder. There are others.

    What's the maximum bit rate an mpeg2 encoder have?
    Read the specs for DVD discs under the "DVDR" link in blue, top left. It states 9.8Mbps which, I believe, translates into 9,848kbps - this = video bitrate + audio bitrate + bitrate of any other stuff.

    These forums are more for when people are having difficulty or can't find the answers - the latter implying they've looked. If you look around you'll learn a hell of a lot as well as what you need to know.

    Good luck, and enjoy your journey having taken the first tentative steps...
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