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  1. I currently using dvd2svcd with CCE 2.50 to make my svcds. All of the guides Ive noticed on this site refer to CCE 2.50. I have tried to use dvd2svcd with newer versions of CCE, but have had problems.

    My question is: Can I use newer vercions of CCE with dvd2svcd, and if so how can I overcome the problems? Most of the problems involve dvd2svcd crashing when I use newer versions of CCE.

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  2. I use CCE v2.66 and have no issues. However, it is documented that if you are using anything newer than CCE 2.50 you need to enable SAFEMODE (FRAMESERVING) on the ENCODER TAB of DVD2SVCD. You will see that the CCE version field descriptor displayed on that tab will change to CCE 2.x.

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  3. Ripper2860:

    Do you find that your quality stays the same as the original avi by using one pass vbr because I have been using multipass(3) vbr?

    I also noticed that even though I use vdub to extract the audio as uncompressed pcm when I load my file into dvd2svcd the audio track says mpa. Is this ok. Thanks
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  4. I only use 1 pass VBR (OPV) via the D2SRoba tool which uses special algorithms in calculating the ideal bitrate and CQ value. You use it and it calls and runs DVD2SVCD to run. It basically scripts a process which then interacts with DVD2SVCD.

    You set the target CQ and it will tell you how many CD's to hit that CQ level; or tell it how many CD's and it will calculate the best CQ. Use a "?" and it will provide a listing of CD qty's and bitrate/CQ levels for you to choose from. I use it and have been very happy with the results and time savings. I can't really tell a diiference betwenn it and 3-pass VBR, but then again, I watch these on TV and not my computer.

    Read up on it and give it a try. It is really quite simple and yields excellent results ...


    As for the audio and mpa extension -- I really don't know as I let DVD2SVCD and it's processes de-compress audio to WAV and do all of the stuff for me through it's provided toolsets (BeSweet, etc). I only do those things manually when I have a very finnicky file and I find that I need to frameserve to TMPGenc. Then I am usually using DVD2AVI and BeSweet or Headac3he.
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  5. I've downloaded D2SROBA, and when I use it in conjunction with DVD2SVCD it seems to have problems. When DVD2SVCD does its audio thing it doesn't go through all of the steps like it did before, and when it starts to encode the video it encodes it in like 4 minutes. My source is 2 hours long. I know CCE is fast, but I dont think its that fast. I'm inputtting how many cds I want to use for one pass vbr, and then I start DVD2SVCD. Does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks
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  6. The 4 minute encodes are the system sampling the video to determine the CQ/Bitrate and number of CD's. This is just the sampling session. It may run through sample several sampling encode sessions as it sorts out the correct CQ/Bitrate target and calculate the number of CD's.

    As for the audio. It will produce the audio at the end of the final video encode (unless you uncheck the "audio encoding after video" option). It waits so that it can determine how big the video is and then encode the audio at the highest bitrate where it will fit and not exceed the VCD/SVCD minimum BR or fall below the minimum BR specified (128 is default).

    Just select number of CD's as "?" and let it run. It will sample/encode and ultimately present a box w/ choices as to the number of CD's showing the resulting CQ/Bitrate. Select the one you want and just let it run. If you select the number of CD's and not "?", you will not get the menu as it knows how many you want. (I use "?" because I like to see what the CQ and BR will be for 1,2, and 3 CD's and make my choice based on what it tells me). After it samples (and you select the # of CD's w/ "?" if used), it will encode the entire video and then audio and then mux the Audio and Video.

    Just let it go and do it's thing.
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  7. Can anybody tell me why dvd2svcd frezzes at various parts of the conversion process? I've never had this problem before, and now when I try to use this program it never gets through the whole process without freezing.

    Sometimes it will freeze during the encoding process, but most of the time it freezes during the multiplexing part. I dont think it is the movie because other movies act this way as well.
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