I just purchased the RCA DRC6100N DVD/VCR Combo. Hooked up everything as instructed (TV does not have any a/v inputs - so just have the ant/coax cable). Everything worked fine, DVD played, VCR played, and tv channels worked. Then I went browsing through the menus, specifically the DVD menu. Got to the option for progressive scan, selected to enable, and an error message popped up(warning message with red background - something about this may cause video problems if you select to enable...if you encounter problems you will need to reset to default settings) So I hit ok....and sure enough I lost the video....now I have no picture of the dvd playing or even the dvd menu, but the disc is playing(counter is moving). VCR and TV works still
I have checked the RCA website and called to them...but they claim to fix the problem I should return it to the store I purchased for an exchange...even though the menu warned me that I would need to do a reset of the menu. RCA claims they have no reset procedure.

Does anyone know a reset procedure for this RCA model???