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    (I originally have this posted in DVD To DVDR forum, but thought I'd post the guide here.)

    Couple of things:
    • Transition from 1 to 2 is not perfect... you see Marty open the garage door then you see him open the door again as movie 2 starts.
    • Transition 2 to 3 is spot on!
    • The transitions themselves have a slight pause as the movie starts up probably due to the fact that I made each movie a separate track.
    • Movies 2 and 3 are less pixelated than Movie 1. This may be due to the fact that 2 & 3 are the repressed widescreens.
    1. DVDDecrypter (File mode: All) on each movie.
    2. DVDShrink on each movie separtely.[list:28f7b6168c]
    3. Reauthor: 0% Compression / English Audio / English Subchannel.
    [*]TMPGEnc DVD Author - each movie into a separate track.
    • Or into 1 track depending on preference
    • Movie 1 -[list:28f7b6168c]
    • Cut scenes 00:00:00;00 - 00:00:28;10 = Beginning credits up to where Back To The Future title sweeps in.
    • Cut scenes 01:49:17;16 - End = Approximate place for Movie 2 to start and ending credits (this will need further adjustment for better transition).
    [*]Movie 2 -
    • Cut scenes 00:00:00;00 - 00:00:34;21 = Beginning credits up to where Marty opens garage door (approximately).
    • Cut scenes 01:40:32;13 - End = BEST (IMO) place for Movie 3 to start and ending credits.
    [*]Movie 3 -
    • Cut scenes 00:00:00;00 - 00:01:37;08 = Beginning credits up to where 3 and 2 are in perfect sync (IMO).
    • Cut scenes 01:50:09;29 - End = The end credits are cut after The End sweeps and disappears.
    [*]Main Menu with play all and select track are made (chapter selection is taken out).
    [*]Disregard DVD size and Bit rate warnings when encoding.[/list:u:28f7b6168c][*]DVD2One and change size from 4472MB to 4300MB (or there abouts).
    [*]Use ImgTool to burn DVD[/list:28f7b6168c]

    I'm not sure if I want to put any more work into this or not. I guess the things I would change are:
    • Try and get a better transition between 1 & 2
    • Burn all three as one track, but make each one a chapter type selection in the menu if I want to go to one directly.
    • Perhaps encode to VCD then do a VCD-to-DVD conversion back to get a better picture quality.[list:28f7b6168c]I'll need to re-find that guide. You can get 300 Minutes of SVCD on DVD (not enough) or 480 Min. of VCD.
    For what I got now, I can live with.

    I'm about to put one of Meritline's Glossy CD Label on this DVD. If I run into the nightmares people have with labels on DVDs, perhaps I'll make a new DVD with the changes.
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    Try DVD2ONE,it's join function works much better than DVD Shrink.
    Your compressing 18GB's to 4.37,anyway you slice it the results will look horrible.
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