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  1. Mpg considered lossy or lossless?

    if I convert DVD to Mpg format then edit it in Premier to put in some cute stuff and then export back out to Mpg again, and if Mpg is considered lossy, then i'll be losing a bunch of information, right?

    so i'd be better off ripping from DVD to uncompressed AVI format, right? disk space isn't an issue, i have 375 GB free.


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  2. Using uncompressed AVI is pointless because you can get loseless compression codecs IE huffYUV. the uncompressed AVi file would be smaller than 375 gigs i think. Uncompressed avi is absolutely massive. infact most movies ucompressed would come out to 100gigs, but you would need like a p4 5ghz with atleast one GB of ram to play it back properly. there is no point in using uncompressed AVI when you can jsut get a loseless codec. download huffYUV and decompress to avi, you will save about 85gigs in HD, and the movie will play back properly.
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