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  1. Hi,
    I've captured a video with my tv card (it's in analog TV).

    My video is captured in 352*288 (VCD PAL) and the broadcast quality was not very good.

    I have used some filters in avisynth and they work grey to watch the video in normal size but when I play it full screen (I'm on 800*600), I can still view the defaults which were pratically invisible at normal size.

    PS: The screenshots may take sometime to appear because the server is not very fast at certain time.

    Here is a screen from the original source:

    The same video encoded in mpeg (vcd) with the following script:
    avisource("d:\travail video\et alors.avi",false)

    and when I play it fullscreen:

    The diagonal noise is still visible.

    Here is my question:
    Which filters can I use to improve the video quality. If it's possible.

    Thanks a lot.
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    I think the quality is acceptable since your encoding in vcd quality. Why don't you try upping the bitrate or encoding to a different format?
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  3. I know, But i've captured this video a time ago and when I had win98SE I can't capture at 480*576 without dropping Frames.

    Now under Windows 2000 I can capture a lot better but this music video is not broadcasted anymore on TV
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  4. Nobody else has an idea on how to improve the video ???????? (which avisynth filters to use)
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