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    I've got the same problem ... when I tried to capture the movie which was in NTSC format ... I got black and white picture ... any solution to this problem ...
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  2. Are you playing back the NTSC tape with a NTSC player? If you're playing it back with a NTSC player and select NTSC on your capture device, you should get color on your PC. It will of course still be B/W if you try playing the file on a PAL tv without doing a system conversion to PAL. But, you can use Tmpeg to change the frame and line rate to PAL from NTSC. Simply select the PAL template and feed it the NTSC AVI file (in color).
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  3. This is my first ever post, but I feel your pain, magicpatch. I'm trying to do the same, using a matrox g450etv. The problem I think is that the VCR does not actually output an NTSC signal, just a signal which is easier for most televisions here to read. There's an faq on NTSC playback here: and if I understand the problem correctly, it would be a matter of using a capture program which supports 525/60. So, it's not the hardware so much as the software.

    So, does anyone know of a capture program which supports NTSC playback?
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