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  1. I've been ripping DVD's using my Liteon 411s but just bought a Liteon HD166 DVD-ROM. I thought the DVD-ROM would rip faster given the fact that it is 16X compared to 12X for the DVD-RW. However, the 411S rips an average of almost a minute faster on the two disks I've tried. Does anyone know why this would be?
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    To do a fair comparison, did you have both of them on the same IDE channel as the same priority (Master or Slave) removing one and replacing it exactly where the other was saving to the same hard drive ?
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  3. Everything was equal except the DVDRW was set and the master and the DVDROM was set as the slave. Does this make a difference? I'm not sure exactly what the master/slave designation means.
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  4. Why does Dell tell me to set the drives to "cable select" and Liteon say to set the 411s to "Master"?
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