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  1. I know Canon is known for there lenses. Does anyone know if the lens they use in the Optura 10/20 is of true Canon quality ? It is a bit on the small side - only 37mm.
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  2. I don't have an Optura, or any other Canon models. I've heard they're okay in good light. But the problem is that all Canon consumer models perform very poorly in low light. I like the 16X optical zoom on Optura 20 though.

    If I were to buy a camcorder today, I'd take a good look at Panasonic GS70. It's got 3 CCDs and acceptable low light performance. And, it's in the same price range as Optura 20.

    Take a look at the reviews on
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    I have owned an Optura 20 for approximately 8 months now. I purchased it to replace a Canon Hi-8 model 8100. I have been very pleased with it for most uses. The lens is typical Canon quality. The only things I did not like about the lens is itís limited wide angle, but that was solved with the purchase of an inexpensive wide angle adaptor. I was somewhat disappointed in itís low light performance, but it has enough other features that I can live with that.
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