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  1. I have went through a couple of cams and was not to pleased with the results of films that were taking in lower light enviroments, I was thinking about getting the sony trv -22 but was hesitant because of the higher price range, any opinions welcome!
    Thanks alot,
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  2. I think you'll find numerous sony supporters here - search for low light and camcorder and there was a good thread on this a few weeks (?) back...I use a canon elura 40mc which when I bought it a little less than a year ago was a bit less than the equivalent's done very well by me but I haven't really shot anything in low light but it does have 2 low light modes, although I've noticed that the picture seems to be more grainy / 'slow motion' ... probably owing to shutter speed or the video equivalent...
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  3. Stay away from Cannon under $700 cams! Zrs are BAD (really bad) for low light. Go with Sony - I have the TRV33 which is roughly 3-times better underlow light than the Cannon.
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    What is considered "low-light"? Shooting normal home videos inside, would that typically be low light?
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  5. has the TRV22 for about $550. Thats what I have and I love it.
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  6. Also check out the Sony TRV38.
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  7. Go to

    They have the Sony DCR-TRV33 for 629.95 w/ free shipping
    Includes Free Gift Card - $50.00

    It is the BEST DEAL ever for this cam. I just got mine last week from them....excelent choice!!. Make sure you buy the NP-QM71D Info-Lithium Battery using those $50 because the original one does not last too long....

    Good luck and Merry Xmas!!
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  8. IMHO

    I've tested a few cams now. Are you willing to spend more for a 3 CCD cam? If not, the best cams for low light are either VHSC/Hi8/D8 cams. they have a larger CCD than the MiniDV cams....I have a Sony TR600 Hi8 and it does better than the other MiniDVs I've tried in low light. It however was not as good as my friends Panasonic VHSC cam...So the next cam I'm going to try is the Sony Digital8 350...Best of both worlds, but it's a little bulky.
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