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  1. Hi:

    I recently purchased a Sansui DVD Recorder. I need help in getting started.

    What I want to do is record DirecTV movies on DVD and begin transferring some of my VHS tapes to DVD. I enjoy high quality video, but I do not believe that I am satisfied with good quality VHS video. I have learned that VHS tapes won't last. That's why I want to transfer my favorite movies to DVD.

    What accessories(other than the disks) do I need?

    Any assistance will be appreciated(along with an opinion about the Sansui VR4005).


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  2. I don't know a thing about your recorder however if it has a feature to set the actual burn time or movie time then use it to get the most data onto the DVDR disc.

    To get past the macrovision of some VHS tapes you will need this device or this 'Time Base Corrector" which will defeat macrovision plus improve the recording quality.
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  3. Ahh very good choice indeed! Ive had mine for a few months now and have taped about 20 movies and just about everything I watch on TV now I tape onto DVD first. Its amazing how much time you can save by skipping the commercial breaks. I have to find things to do with the 20 or so minutes I save for each hour of TV!

    Its pretty simple, all you need to copy is the tape, disc and a TV with RCA input jacks. Since the VCR is built in, you don't need any cables or anything like that. Get DVD-R discs for stuff you want to keep, and DVD-RW for stuff your gonna erase and re-record, like TV shows. The manual goes into detail on how to to dub and record off TV. Just remember, you must hook the Sansui up to the TV with RCA jacks to dub, because the menu does not appear through the cable line. Use the set of A/V cables that came with it to hook up to the satellite box and push "Input select" to L1 to record of TV. (L2 if your using the jacks on the front)
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  4. Hi:

    I'm back!

    Initially, I decided to wait a few days while I studied the situation before I tried to get my Sansui VRDVD4005 set up. But after reading a bit in the owner's manual( and feeling eager), I rethought the matter and dove in.

    Since the DirecTV satellite connection is still not covered in the set up of many VCRs etc.(though Toshiba gets close), I find it a hit-and-miss situation when I attempt to connect the one cable to my TV/VCR/DVD etc.
    Initially, I connected the Sansui in the same that my Toshiba M785 VCR was connected( coax from OUT on VCR to the TV; A/V connections from the satellite receiver to the Sansui--no connection at IN on the Sansui, but I could not receive ANY signal to my TV. After I re-read the owner's manual and noticed that in several options all included a connection at IN, I connect a coax from OUT on the satellite receiver to IN on the Sansui(This seems like a duplicate connection to the A/V input. ?????)

    Now, I have satellite reception via Channel 3 on the TV, but the Sansui is merely a "junction box," nothing on the Sansui remote functions except SETUP--and I feel shaky about that. . . .

    Any mercy out there? . . .

    Happy Holidays!

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